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Paper Shredding – Mobile Service

Quick, fast and affordable mobile shredding solutions
Paper Shredding   Mobile ServiceOur mobile paper shredding service will come to you and destroy documents in compliance with Australian law. At Shredfast, we recognise that there is a growing need for companies to responsibly deal with their sensitive information. Our paper shredding service enables you to ensure that no sensitive information can be used by any other party. We have purpose built paper shredding equipment and trucks that can handle a large volume of documents and other information paraphernalia.

Paper Shredding   Mobile Service

Paper Shredding   Mobile ServiceIdentity theft has become more prevalent in recent times and we now have the technology to ensure safe paper shredding at your premises. Paper shredding has become a vital ally in fighting fraud. You can safely destroy all documents in our mobile paper shredding units. This significantly reduces the likelihood that sensitive commercial or personal information is used to commit crimes or fraud. It can be as simple as a bank statement with yours or your customers’ credit card information getting into the wrong hands. Under Australian law, you could be found guilty of any subsequent crimes that were committed due to unsecured information.

There is no need to shell out for paper shredding machines when it is so easy to call us to do the job. Our signed destruction certificate is proof that you are complying with your legal obligations under the Australian Federal Privacy Act. We are the paper shredding experts and understand the sensitivity of the material we deal with. Our equipment is so sophisticated it can do more than destroy paper documents.

Our customised paper shredding vehicles can disintegrate any object that stores information. If it needs to be destroyed we have the capability to destroy and dispose of it. Our reliable paper shredding team disposes of personal information, documents, redundant paperwork, old electronic data and equipment. Unlike some paper shredding services, we don’t have an interim storage facility, so our security is far superior. Instead of transporting the documents to a remote facility our mobile paper shredding trucks come to you. You place your sensitive documents or other data into a locked secure holding bin. The bins are emptied and the data is immediately destroyed.

Ask us for more information about our paper shredding and document destruction service, or request a demonstration from our friendly crew. Call or contact us via the website. Your peace of mind is a click away!

Paper Shredding   Mobile Service