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Shredfast Australia the story so far

In 2005 the founder of Shredfast in Australia sold a very successful small business. While travelling in Europe he came across in-truck shredding technology. The obvious user advantages for on-site shredding offer a customer total peace of mind for their confidential and sensitive paper records. After much research the founder of Shredfast established a new document shredding business in Sydney. Shredfast’s first shredding truck was very quickly booked out for shredding as customers witnessed first- hand the safety and security of on-site shredding.

In 2008 a second truck was added and larger premises established to cater for 3mm SCEC endorsed destruction of paper, hard drives and media. A successful start which was achieved within 18 months. Since this time both Shredfast and Planet Green have expanded and increased their customer base substantially. It is now at the next phase of growth to continue to meet customers growing needs for confidentiality of information and protect the environment through e-waste recycling.


On 11 September 2001 the world watched at home on their television the 9/11 tragedy unfold which changed the way governments, companies and individuals thought about all aspects of security which included company records, individual’s information etc. The careless and somewhat blasé attitude towards securing our businesses, government policies and was about to change for ever.

With the change, initially in the Northern Hemisphere, businesses and governments began to review all levels of security procedures to protect the safety of employees and privacy of information. While large sums of money was spent improvingprivacy procedures in the ‘front office’, it was discovered that the ‘back door’ disposal of confidential and sensitive waste paper records had been neglected.

It was now no longer acceptable for cleaners to pick up and place rubbish in the basement dumpster. Some companies purchased in-house shredding machines at high operating costs and burn-out hazard, causing a loss of interest by employees to shred as it was easier to dump it in a waste bin.


Most Companies and governments turned to waste management companies to find a secure solution for destruction of confidential waste. Hence pick up garbage began picking up of secure garbage bins for transport to an off-site shredding facility. Waste Management Companies began to prosper as we all embraced this off-site solution as the best available at the time. This method still exists today in many parts of the world.

In the past few years media reports began to filter through showing information falling off the back of these unsecured trucks and falling into the wrong hands breaching customer and company privacy. As to be expected not all Companies were happy with entrusting their confidential waste materials to a garbage truck pick up for off-site shredding. Technology has a way of evolving for the betterment and the Mobile document shredding Truck was born.


The primary focus of mobile shredding is to provide a more secure and cost effective means for disposal of confidential waste material. The concept has been successfully implemented in most North American and European cities over the past 5-6 years. Once accepted mobile document shredding becomes always becomes the preferred method of confidential records disposal.

The now proven in-truck technology of high torque 12 mm shredding provides instant, secure and efficient for hi-volume confidential material at your office door. Within minutes the security bin is returned to your office floor complete with a destruction certificate for your records. The materials can also be weighed for waste paper tracking. No need to separate paper clips and staples. Mobile shredding trucks are called upon for all sorts of destruction jobs, all types of confiscated contraband, out dated redundant uniforms, DVD/CD, ancient microfiche files for Banks, computer hard drives can all be shredded on site, no fuss.