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Q – How much does your on-site destruction service cost?
A – The cost of on-site mobile shredding varies according to your geographical location; number of bins required and the frequency of shredding. As a guideline, contract customers with large volumes with a high frequency of use can pay as low as $35.00.

Q – Why shred documents on-site, why not take them off-site?
A – Simple answer is peace of mind, knowing there is no way anyone can view any of your sensitive company and customer records.

Q – Once your paper is shredded what happens to the shredded materials in the back of our trucks?
A – All 12 mm shredded materials end up being pulped or recycled for secondary products such as egg cartons, shoe boxes etc. depending on quality – some even end up as writing paper, envelopes and tissue paper products.

Q – Is it true recycling waste paper saves our trees?
A – Indirectly yes. Each plantation tree makes 3077 pieces of A4 paper; there are 40,000 pieces of paper in a tonne. Australia accounts for 5 million tonnes of recycled paper per annum. Sadly we use 15 million tones of various types of paper products – there is a huge imbalance. For instance in 2006-07 China market alone buys 20 billion tons of recycled waste paper, closely followed by India and Indonesia.

Q – Some of our paper is not considered sensitive, “Is it not cheaper for us to dump it than pay to have it shredded?”
A – Definitely not. Climate change requires us all to take responsibility for proper waste disposal. When paper is dumped into a waste hole or landfill it rots which causes methane to escape into the atmosphere. Methane is a highly toxic greenhouse gas where a single molecule of methane is 21 times more harmful than carbon waste. The damage that will do to our planet is catastrophic.

Q – Do you do a once only purging of old files?
A – Yes we do, in fact we can monitor an annual or bi-annual shredding of old files. We can do this at your office, home or warehouse storage facility.

Q – What happens to our hard drives and how can we be sure they are correctly destroyed?
A – If you wish you can have a staff member view the destruction process. We also take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of your hard drives which we can email.

Q – How does it work, do you come to our office once a week or do we have to call you?
A – Regular service to suit your requirements: from the locked security bin in your office, to instant destruction in the on-site mobile shredding truck at your door. The bin is returned to the office within minutes, accompanied by a destruction certificate. Importantly the chain of custody remains unbroken. On-site shredding technology will ensure safe, reliable tight control over your redundant confidential document disposal.

Q – Isn’t it cheaper for us to purchase our own shredder?
A – No; Only if you are a hi-volume user. You will spend around $5000 for a hi-volume (30-40 sheets per minute) commercial shredding unit. You would be wasting your time with cheaper $300 Officeworks versions. On top of the initial purchase cost there is the labour costs; An average office of 25 people over 22 work days per month will use 70 Kilos, literally one Shredfast bin. It is calculated shredding time alone would be 10-15 hours @ $40 per man hour = $5-600.00. And that does not include you cost of shredder purchase. One Shredfast bin costs $85 per month.