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Shredding Services

Which Shredfast service do you need?

Records management can be complicated and time consuming, particularly with continuously changing laws and regulations regarding the handling of confidential information.

Streamline your data destruction process with Shredfast. Shredfast provides comprehensive and secure destruction services, eliminating the need for you to use separate operators to destroy your paper documentation and your electronic data. In addition to document shredding our services include:

Mobile ShreddingSecure Document Destructione-Waste Recycling

Hard Drive Destruction

Shredfast’s hard drive destruction service helps simplify record management. A hard disk can be wiped in just 20 minutes, and for your peace of mind we supply a detailed report guaranteeing that the stored information has been destroyed.

Secure Disposal of Old Computers and Printers

Don’t consign your old mainframes, computers, CRTs, printers, copiers and mobiles to landfill. E-waste not only contains important files and corporate records; it increasingly contains materials that can be recycled.

Shredfast offers a complete E-waste recycling service. We remove and destroy hard drives and circuit boards, remove all toxic chemicals, and recycle CRT monitor glass. Our specialised equipment then reduces the remainder of your electronic media waste to dust size particles. Serial numbers are retained and supplied to you on your green certificate.

CD, DVD, Floppy and Zip Disk and Memory Disk Destruction

Because CDs, DVDs and other forms of electronic storage contain confidential information they need to be disposed of securely. Shredfast renders the information unreadable by shredding the plastic and metal components into small granules, which are then compressed to form logs for wood fires.

Shredding Services