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Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is an important part of office waste management.

Computer RecyclingAt the Planet Green recycling plant we understand that not only are computers bulky and contain 2 kgs of hazardous Lead and Phosprous items to dispose of, but they also contain sensitive information. We provide secure document destruction details that includes your computer hard drive component serial number.

The pure bulk of computers impacts heavily on the amount of landfill created by simply disposing of computers at waste stations. In addition, computers are also reported to contain arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead and benzene – to name a few of the hazardous chemicals involved in their construction. Because of this it is environmentally responsible to recycle as many parts as possible of your old computer.

Shredfast Computer Recycling

The Shredfast recycling process involves removing your computer hardware and disposing of it securely. We focus on maintaining the security of your sensitive data throughout the recycling process. We understand that the effects of secure data falling into the wrong hands can be devastating. It could lead to damage to your business name or revenue, loss of staff or customers and even the possibility of legal action.

Because we understand these potential risks, our specialist computer recycling service includes guaranteed data destruction to ensure your peace of mind. We provide a fully accountable recycling service in accordance with legal and environmental policies.

We will remove your computer equipment to our dedicated recycling plant. Once there we can break down the components of your PC and begin the recycling process. This involves separating the plastic and metal components (the hard drives, casings, etc) and shredding them into very small granules. These granules are then compressed into logs for fires.

Why Computer Recycling?

There are benefits to this computer recycling process. We are reducing landfill waste, the disposal of your computer is total and all sensitive data is destroyed, and the final product reduces the need for cutting down trees for firewood.

Shredfast’s Waste Recycling also offers a range of other disposal services including on-site shredding, full office cleanouts, and disposal of many items that may contain security risks such as CDs, DVDs, plastics and uniforms.

Computer recycling from Shredfast gives you the best of both worlds: a completely trackable, secure recycling service with absolutely no time required from your staff, and the knowledge that you are being environmentally responsible with your office waste.

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