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Waste Recycling

Shredfast recycling offers extensive document destruction and other recycling solutions.

Businesses can produce a range of waste products and you may not be aware of the scope and methods of destruction and recycling available for many of these office materials.

These days it is important to reduce waste as much as possible and Shredfast recycling has developed a range of solutions to deal with various items that might simply be thrown away. Not only does our service greatly reduce waste, it offers total security for your confidential items.

CDs and DVDs

Waste RecyclingBecause CDs and DVDs can contain confidential information, they should definitely not be thrown in the normal rubbish. The plastic and metal components can be shredded into small granules (rendering the information unreadable) and then compressed to form logs for wood fires. This in turn reduces the need for cutting down trees for firewood.

Credit Cards

Waste RecyclingCredit cards and other cards containing personal information need to be destroyed for security reasons. The Shredfast recycling system places cards into a specially designed machine that breaks them into particles of approximately 4mm. These particles are mixed with organic material to create booster fertilisers.